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Based out of Tucson, AZ, The Lasso is the solo project of producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Catlin. Since 2011, The Lasso has released over 10 albums of original music ranging from hip-hop influenced psychedelia to phase music film scores, space funk, and noisy freak folk. The Lasso's 2017 collaboration with Lando Chill The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind landed at #26 on Bandcamp's Best of 2017, Their follow up EP māyā. maia. mayu dropped in 2018 on Mello Music Group; a blissed out blend of ethereal electronics and neo-soul songwriting. The Lasso splits his time between his home studio and the legendary Tucson recording studio WaveLab (Animal Collective, Neko Case, Calexico). Beyond solo work, the Lasso has worked on hundreds of records for artists such as Frontier Ruckus, Luke Winslow-King, Kansas Bible Company, Motorkam, Maraj, The Go Rounds, Fiona Dickinson, & Seth Bernard.



#26 - The Best Albums of 2017 - Lando Chill 'The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind'

-Bandcamp Daily

"An enigma who wraps up different strands into one uncategorizable narcotic cocoon of hip-hop, silky R&B, dub"
-Tucson Weekly

"Symbiotic is the perfect word. The Lasso proved to be the perfect sonic foil for Lando..instrumentals that owe as much to Björk as they do to Madlib"

-DJ Booth

"(Lando) Chill and returning producer/multi-instrumentalist Lasso take a quantum leap forward, arguably bringing the alternative hip-hop paradigm along for the ride"

-Bandcamp Daily

"The main thing you will notice about his music is that it is completely original. I legitimately have never heard something similar...2018 will be a year where the larger masses drift towards him"

-We Are Buggin Out

"Lasso's appeal is that he's a pioneer. Case in point, the producer hosted about a dozen other producers in a one-of-a-kind live collaborative performance of Terry Riley's "In C," transforming the composition into a bevy of beat-making at Tucson's Museum of Contemporary Art."
-Phoenix New Times

"Drugged-out beats from Tuscon's The Lasso. A mix of glitch/trip hop/new weird America? Yeah, I know, it doesn't make any damn sense but it works so damn good. Imagine a mash-up of Tobacco/old Animal Collective/Flying Lotus. All over the map in the good way."

"Think the punchy funk of Sly and the Family Stone reinterpreted by a desert nomad and then beamed up to a cellphone satellite...loopy crate-digging beats that shoot straight for the pleasure centers...The beats absolutely slap, the synths bubble and dance in the high-noon sun"
-Mostly Midwest

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